Welcome to Pembroke Chiropractic And Sports Injury Clinic

Welcome to Pembroke Chiropractic Clinic, based in Ferry Lane, Pembroke. We're here to help you be as comfortable and mobile as you can be; Julia Jay, your registered Chiropractor, provides a friendly, thorough service tailored to you.

Chiropractic therapy from a registered chiropractor can help with neck pain, low back pain, certain injuries sustained in road traffic accidents, minor sports injuries, headaches, shoulder and knee pain. We specialise in back and neck pain and headaches, but can help restore movement and function to joints and muscles almost anywhere in the body. Our patients range in age from 4 months to 92 years old, and we see everyone from babies to office workers with headaches to weekend warriors with knee and shoulder problems to Ironman athletes who want to stay on top form.

What will happen during assessment and treatment?

We'll ask you to fill in a bit of paperwork, and then you'll spend about 45 minutes with Julia. We'll have a chat about what brings you in, and do a thorough examination to ensure we know not only what hurts but what's causing it to hurt. Once we know what the problem is, we'll make a plan based on your goals and the types of treatment that are most appropriate for your condition.  Julia uses a combination of gentle and effective techniques, tailored to you. These include joint manipulation; soft tissue massage, stretching, movement training, and a form of acupuncture called dry needling.  At subsequent treatments we'll continue to assess and treat based on your needs.

How long will it take?

That depends on a number of things, including how fast your body heals, what kind of injury you have, and what your goals are; some people just want to get out of pain, which usually happens within a few treatments. Some people find it worthwhile to stick around for a bit longer, to ensure the injury site is strengthened, the underlying problem is solved, and the pain isn't likely to come back. Many patients come in every 4 or 5 months for a bit of an "MOT;" if there's nothing to treat, we'll be delighted to charge you half price and bring you back in six months!